Sunday, July 22, 2012

Daily Czech Ups- 7/19/2012

Today the sun was finally out! Most everyone was outside teaching english, or somehow going outside for a game. We wanted to soak up as much sun and warmth as possible! Our students are so great. They are up for anything and everything at camp! Most people find themselves either playing volleyball outside, or uno inside. Either way, everyone is involved in doing something.

This afternoon, Vlada had an interesting game based on last nights discussion. The students were given options to choose 3 different ways that would effect the entire outcome of the game. The could choose the Hindu way, the Atheist way, or the Christian way. These choices would eventually lead them to a group of leaders who would try to convince them to stay on that path. If they choose Atheist- the game would eventually just stop and they would be dead. If they choose the Hindu way, at the end of the game, it would tell them to start over again in a different life. If they choose the Christian way, they would eventually get into Heaven- which was guarded by two angels (Niko and Robert) and inside Heaven was pizza, ice cream, games, music, and just a fun environment so we could continue having fun after the game was over. We told you Vlada had interesting games! It was really fun though!

Part of the Christian path was to find an American and tell them your beliefs. We americans then asked 3 challenging questions to help them understand their faith a bit better. It was interesting to hear the different emphasis' put in faith. Some were solely focused on Jesus. Others were focused on God and just considered Jesus to be a righteous person. Others could confidently explain their faith through the Gospel and beyond. One of the quietest girls in classroom three was the most talkative, most bold student who expressed her faith during this game.

It is students like her who refresh our hope in this ministry. We are understanding more clearly everyday that the lives we affect here at camp will have a ripple effect on the entire Czech Christian community. The students we impact today are the ones who will go spread the Gospel to unreached parts, or dead parts of Czech. The church we are supporting here is planting ministries all over the Czech Republic using their Christian students. So although we may not see God working immediately while at camp, when we step back and see the picture as a whole, we are able to experience and witness his good and perfect will at work!

Tonight, Ken introduced the Gospel and the basic specifics of the Christian faith. Vlada then gave his testimony, along with Lynne and Craig. Afterwards, students were invited to join spiritual discussion groups if they liked, otherwise some Americans would be downstairs playing games, and would be happy to share their testimony as well!

Daily Czech Ups- 7/18/2012

Ahh. Midweek and classes are going great! All of our students are warming up to us, friendships are forming, and english conversations are everywhere! However, it is still raining every few hours. We heard that it is very hot back home, and so that makes us appreciate the 60 degree mountain weather even more!

This afternoon during free time, we had the option of going on the high ropes course or staying inside and modeling clay! Our teams were about 50/50. This year's theme is challenge though, so of course we had to try the ropes course! And what a challenge it was! Everyone who participated learned a lot about themselves during the experience.

Tonight's discussion was on different religions. Ken went through and gave a chart mapping out all the 5 major religions, their beliefs, their god(s), their final destination, and how to get there. We christians were reminded that the Christian God is the only one who comes to us. Who came in the form of the God-man, Jesus Christ, to live a perfect life, to die for our sins, and to rise again on the third day. Who came to us in grace and love, fulfilled prophecy, and triumphed over Satan and Death. How great is our God!?!!!! Tonight helped lay the stepping stones to present the Gospel, and our testimonies to the Czech students. 

Daily Czech Ups- 7/17/2012

Today was a long day. The weather was cold and raining, and many people started to feel sick. However, we much teach english! Our plans for the day were mostly rained out, outside of class, so we spent most of the day just hanging out with students.

Czech students love to play card games. After lunch during our free time, it is guaranteed that you will find at least two tables playing either cards, uno, or some other card game. Lynne brought Catch Phrase! to camp and although the czech students struggled at first, everyone eventually got into the swing of things!

Tonights discussion, brought to us by the infamous Ken Lippold, was about hope. It is interesting to hear the student's thoughts and ideas on these topics. I have yet to meet a Czech student who was not clever and intellectually intriguing. This just adds more to the nights discussions. The topics are meant to spark deep thought, and we have the absolute pleasure of hearing their deep questions that are inspired from those thoughts!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daily Czech Ups 7/16/2012

Today was a better day for teaching. Because we have spent more time with our students outside of class, everyone is loosening up. Depending on the class, we spoke about Communication and Occupations today. It is interesting to hear about the students different views on jobs, or education. Czech students are not only extremely clever, but continuously are thinking beyond the material we present them! It is a teacher's dream!

Today's Vlada game was a fear factor game. Groups went to different stations and had to complete different tasks, from sticking their face into a mayo-grass soup, to putting their hands into a bucket of worms!!! Those who were able to get through all the challenges won a pizza at the end of the night. 

Tonights discussion was on the Proof of God. Ken gave facts on the universe, and how little of a chance we would have of being here if God wasn't holding it all together. This topic sparked some interesting conversations, especially about Love being more than a chemical reactions. Most of the atheistic students initially agreed with the idea that love or any feelings are just chemical reactions, but then got offended when that couldnt be attributed to more- which would mean that their original theory fell apart. It was a bit of a heated debate, but it is always good for us to hear different views, to be challenged, and to calmly, humbly, but boldly present the Gospel truth.

Prayer Requests- It has been raining non-stop since we have arrived. So much for summertime! However, people are feeling "under the weather." Quite literally. Pray that the entire camp would remain healthy despite the weather and cold. Pray that God would use the inside time that we have to better strengthen friendships with our students that would lead to opportunities to share our faith. God is doing great things here, and we are blessed to be apart of it and watch Him work! 

Daily Czech Ups 7/15/2012

Today was our first day of teaching!
All the students and teachers were a bit nervous coming to class. Everyone is intimidated by one another and students in the lower classes are scared to speak english. Thankfully our teaching team was prepared for this!

After class and lunch, we gathered together to play another game. Our teams were our classes and we had to complete 7 different challenges altogether. Unfortunately during the game it started to pour down rain.Some teams quit, but most just continued through the rain. We may have risked our health, but Americans never quit! ;)

After dinner and more games, we all sat down to listen to Ken's first discussion. Tonight we discussed the difference between good and evil, and how a set of basic morals exists for each religion and each people group. This topic sparked a lot of conversations in the spiritual group, but the non spiritual groups struggled a bit because it was a hard topic to disconnect from Christianity.

A few prayer requests: 

Pray for these students: Ondre, Monica, Jirka, Michal, Verca, and Ota. Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to spark conversation and openness to the Gospel. Pray for salvation for all the students who have attended camp, even though they might not show evidence of faith right now. We trust that God is working continuously :)